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The World Ends In 2020 Hoax

You must have heard about this hoax that there were some miscalculations in Maya Calendar and the world ends in 2020 instead of 2012.

A few days back when there were rumors going about it, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine, she was saying that she is scared that the world will end in 2020, 21st June what’s my take on it?

I said, “It’s fine”. She said to me, “that’s it, Is it all I have to say? How can I even say that?”.

I explained. There are two big reasons behind that.

  1. The world will end in 2020 and not just me, so it’s fine :-p 
  2. I try to live my life as most as I can, Thus, I have no regrets in my life.

So I am completely fine even if the world ends tomorrow. She was completely speechless at the moment probably because she was not something like that. Like, how can someone be comfortable with it?

The reason behind is,

Often times we are so scared about the world or life to end because in general there is so much to do in life and we are not there yet. We waste a lot of time overthinking and often forget to live the moment that we are present in.

Even I have so many plans and wishlist for me which is yet to be completed but on the same hand, I try to live my life as much as possible, living in the present moment and making the best out of it.

The world ends in 2020?

I don’t know, it may be right that the world ends in 2020 or maybe not.

But what I do know is, even if the world ends in 2020, I won’t have any regrets in my life that I wish I could live more to do all the things that I haven’t done yet.

I would like to ask you, have you lived your life enough?

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