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My Boat Ride Experience of Varanasi

Scenic boat ride in Varanasi

I along with my squad arrived at the ghats of Varanasi an hour before the evening prayer. As everybody experiences those callings of the agents to ride on the boats, we did as well. We had some time so we hopped on a boat for a ride and went along the ghats listening to the stories of each ghat.

Some ghats were crowded like hell and some were as calm as no one passes by.

Hotels and temples near the ghats were well brightened and glowing in different colors in the dark.

As the time of the evening prayer was getting close, the river began to calm with no river currents in it.

It was a mesmerizing experience to roam in the middle of the river. Even with the annoying boat noise, you can still find inner peace by just looking at the beauty of the Varanasi Ghats.


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