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Lone Warrior – Poetry

The world around me is shattering, just like the aftermath of warfare. My people seem wounded and down on energy.

I, the Lone Warrior, standing with the splash of blood all over me,
My weapons are charged, rage is in my eyes, and empathy for my people.

I wish I could explode the energy inside me, to rise my people, and lift them up.
I may become weak after that, but equal with the ones I love.

But unfortunately, I can’t do it. Unfortunate of me, I can’t do it.

But don’t worry. I am here with you, to fight from the world for you,
To save you from what may come your way to bring you down.

I am here standing as a lone warrior, to fight for hundreds.
Till the time you can’t.

Waiting for the day, when you all rise up to fight for me,
The day, when I may no longer stand as a Lone Warrior,
Or may not even stand.

Sitting at a distance, watching you winning.

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