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Life Lesson through Poetry Correction

As you may have already known that I write poetry sometimes.


I wrote a poetry long back and asked one of the people who I used to look up to, to make changes to it. She denied it saying whatever it is, it is yours.


I didn’t like her response but there was nothing I could do about it. I recently came across an amazing incident that justified her actions and brought me a deep life lesson.


I recently wrote poetry and showed it to one of my friends to proofread it. As I am not good at grammar, it had mistakes in it.


My friend went through poetry and suggested some changes, and I asked her to make all the necessary changes she could think of.


She corrected some grammatical mistakes, added some beautiful synonyms instead of layman language that I wrote.

End result was amazing. The poetry became much beautiful than what it was earlier.


As I was reading through that poetry again, no doubt it was way better, it didn’t felt mine anymore. I lost my touch in poetry.

Life Lesson

It didn’t take me long to realize that this happens in life as well. Often times, we change ourselves completely in order to be liked by a person or society but in order to do that we often lose ourselves and it is not us anymore but a perception of someone else.

“Your imperfections are your real beauty and that is what makes you what you are.”

Think about it.


Comment your thoughts below if you agree with me or disagree.

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