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Ganga Snan Experience


Filled with immense joy and excitement, we were trying to make way between little spaces among thousands of people to reach to the Ghat for “Ganga Snan”
Trust me when I say that finding a less crowded Ghat was much more difficult than moving on the streets.

Roaming from one Ghat to another, I had only one thought in my mind “Ghat Ghat ka pani pee liya aaj to” 😃😃
There were Naga Sadhus all over the place, tourists clicking pictures with them, making them wear sunglasses, hats, and whatnot.

After a while, we decided to stop on a Ghat which was less crowded than others we saw. There were few Bengali people, some ladies were washing clothes, males were still in water and kids were running naked on the Ghat playing with each other. We even saw kids selling flower pots that were supposed to be flown in the river.

Winters had not ended and we were a bit frightened to enter the chilling water, asking each other to go first. We somehow managed to gather the courage to get into the Ganga and after about 5 seconds it was so peaceful inside and out.

There can be no better feeling than giving out yourself to the Holy water and getting rid of all the thoughts and being in a blank state of mind.

After a while, “Ganga Snan Experience” was so enjoyable and soothing that we didn’t want to get out of it but we had too.

So, we got out, dressed, put the shades on, and made our move towards our next destination.

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